Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flea market finds...

It’s been a few months, but let’s try this blog thing again.  Today, I’ll show you a few of my recent finds from an antique yard sale and the Alameda Antique Fair. 

The Alameda Antique Fair is always fun, but this month particularly funny because I ended up hitching a ride from a stranger (kids—don’t do this!) to haul my stuff to the car.  Thanks “Jennifer” from Alameda!  I spotted Jennifer and her big yellow cart when I was resting in row “V” and dreading the fact that I had to get to row “A” just to get out of the flea market and then on to row “J” to get to the car….and I was carrying a big wooden box, filled with four sewing boxes and four heavy metal brackets that went along with them. So as she passed me, I asked how much it was to rent one of those carts.  She replied that they are free, but that I could hitch a ride with her if I wanted!  Sweet!  I helped her out too by waiting with the large, beautiful piece she got for her daughter’s room, while she went to get her car.  And then she even gave me a lift to my car too!  I guess we took a while because when I got to the car, Joey was already there (he was carrying an even heavier box of mine filled with large bottles) so he was quite surprised to see that I had gotten a ride from a stranger!  It was pretty funny! 

Here's the stuff from the Alameda Antique Fair.  The green drop leaf table that it's all sitting on is from last month's antique fair.

And now some close-ups.  I really liked this camera.  Probably because it's small, the bellow slides back and forth, and most importantly it was cheap.  I'm thinking i will try to replicate it!

 I love ornate frames -- the bigger the better...just gonna add white paint, or maybe Duck Egg Blue -- not sure yet.

I love boxes --- this one's an old double sided microscope box.

I also love large bottles almost as much as I love boxes.  And I wasn't in love with this box, but I love the way it nicely held the five large bottles! 

Love, love, love sewing BOXES.  See the metal frame at the bottom of the box?

I just need to attach that metal piece to something and the boxes will slide out.

The bed stool, large frame and old wooden stool are from an antique yard sale I happened upon last Friday. I just love the curves on the bed stool!


That's it for now.  I’ve been cleaning out my crafting stash.  So next time, I’ll post about a few things that I’ve been stashing away for way too long and it was time to either create something or toss it! 


Unknown said...

wow!! YOU scored! I bet the weather was fabulous too- By the time I decided I wanted to head that way it was too late :( I would have ended up parking in Oakland

Christine Delgadillo said...

Hi Diana, we got there late - around noon. So we didn't have much time but still managed to do a little damage ;) The benefit of going later is you can get a closer parking spot since all the early birds are gone!