Friday, October 19, 2007

Play = Discovery

How sad, it hasn’t even been a week and I’ve already missed a day of being creative. But I did help a few other people get creative last night teaching my slideholder minibook class...can that count?

Today, I’m supposed to be preparing for Saturday and Sunday’s classes, but I really missed "playing" yesterday. This morning, the little gadget I set out for yesterday’s play has been calling, "play with me! play with me!" I just couldn’t ignore the calls...

I can really get used to playing everyday. You make new these little plastic slideholders that I’ve had for-e-v-e-r can hold a giftcard...they make cute little minibooks...maybe a cool hidden journaling spot..oh the possibilities! I also discovered a use for the rolls of calculator tape I found on sale...they fit perfectly inside these things! Another discovery, I can sandwich a clear sticker or a rub-on between two epoxy circles and attach them to this brass frame.

So, there you have it, my creative play for the morning! This was so fun, I may even create something tonight, you just never know! But I’d better get to prepping now!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Creating a mess...

Does "creating" a mess count towards being creative everyday? If so, that's what I did last night, made a big ol' mess getting ready for this slide holder class on Thursday night.

But just in case it doesn't count, I pulled out the good ol' Glammer Mists again, sprayed it on a slideholder, threw a flower on it plus the soldered slide (my first attempt at soldering) I made at Creative Escape and..... tada! a cute little card that I can give to my sister...or not heehee.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Glimmer Mists

Today's creation had to be quick and easy, so I sprayed some Glimmer Mists on Bazzill Chips and stamped them with the "Christmas" clear stamps by Kelly Panacci. The charms, of course, are from This was definitely quick and easy. I can see making up a batch of these and using them in a Christmas album.

I am now caught up with Day 3 of what I hope will be at least 30 days of my "Do Something Creative Everyday" challenge. At least I know I'll get a few ACP challenges done this month!

Calendar Swap

Sunday's creation was finishing up my calendar's pages for a calendar swap with ACP. December is the month I had, and could only use the colors white, black and red to create the pages. A big thank you to Jean and Linda for finding some of the poinsettias I need to finish up!

As for Monday's creation...I can't find my desktop! Tonight's creation may have to be something Bazzill chips!

The little box I found at the Japanese store was Saturday's creation. This box may be tiny, but it houses lots of fun little techniques. The bottom compartment has a minibook in it, there's a transfer technique on one of the bottom surfaces that I learned at Wishfest, and my favorite thing is all the little danglies that are revealed when you lift the lid (which was really hard to take a decent picture of).

The box handle and all the little charms are from (which reminds me, I need to order more charms as they are having a 20% off sale thru Tues. October 16th. Just type in coupon code SILVER).

This box is a "trial" version so I used two sheets from my old paper stash :)
I think my next one will be a Christmas theme.

Who'd have thought...

that quirky little Drama Queen "Blythe" could be inspirational?! I know, hard to believe, but it's true. (and Michelle, I'm being nice referring to Blythe as "quirky"...)

On Saturday, I received this fabulous and hilarious little thank you card in the mail from Michelle. (Michelle who hasn't updated her blog either). After a good laugh, I turned the card over and it was, of course, signed by Michelle. Her signature was inside a cute little circle stamp that said "Do Something Creative Everyday".

Feeling a bit stressed lately with various deadlines, even routine ones, I find myself not "creating" as much as I'd like to. So reading those stamped words, "Do Something Creative Everyday" really struck a cord for me. So I thought, hmmmm...that's a good idea - I shall do just that! (I know, I know, I'll probably last a month!)

So thank you Blythe/Michelle/Shelly for the inspiration. And btw, after I received that card, instead of preparing for my classes this week (which I will surely pay for later this week lol), I went out to the very fun Japanese store, Daiso, and found several fabulous boxes! I went straight home and decorated one - so fun! I'll post a picture tonight---it'll be an uncoming class.