Monday, December 8, 2008

Take time to play...

It’s a busy, busy week prepping for two classes this week, Raquel’s birthday, a Christmas party, a birthday crop, and at some point this week, we need to get a Christmas tree! It sure doesn’t sound like there’s much time to do any playing in the craft room with so much on the "to do" list.

But just watching Tim Holtz’s blog, makes you want to create! My friend, Leah, was feeling the same way and suggested that we have a "schedule" to get it all done. She has a busy schedule too because her family Christmas party is this weekend. So, even though she’s on the East Coast and I’m on the West Coast, we have decided to take an hour (or two) a day to coordinate some crafting together via Skype.

Today was our first day, and with both of us so busy, it was hard to coordinate being ready at the same time, not to mention the time difference, but we finally played around 10:30ish this morning. We had so much fun making our version of Tim’s Day 1 tag.

Here’s mine.

About an hour or so after we logged off Skype, Leah texted me that she had fun and can’t wait until tomorrow. I texted her back and said let’s not wait! Let’s do it again later today! So, we did and here is my version of Tim’s Day 2 tag.

By the way, in addition to crafting today, I got lots of things checked off my "to do" list too. When Jose came home, he even said "Wow, the house is clean!"

I can hardly wait to play again tomorrow!

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joybear said...

very cool!!! Glad the two of you had fun together and took the time to do it again!!