Saturday, April 7, 2007

I know it's blurry, but it's not about the deodorant...

It was a PJ day for me. I’ve been thinking all day about what picture I could take that would not entail me having to get dressed and go outside.

Earlier today, Jose went grocery shopping. I asked him to buy two deodorants, one for me and one for Kathryn. We both use the same kind (and he said he knew what kind) and we both like powder scent. It turns out, he bought two deodorants, both were powder scent, but both were "Secret."

Me (showing him the deodorant). "What happened? I thought you knew what kind."
Jose: " I thought you would want the powder scent."
Me: "I do, but not that kind. Secret makes me break out."
Jose: "Oh, sorry, I’ll get you some more."
Me: "No, that’s okay. Kathryn says she needs one for school anyway. I can wait."

After Kathryn and I put away the groceries, Jose goes back to the store to get ice for tomorrow and a few other things. I go back into my room to scrap a little and am still thinking of what picture to take. I know! I’ll take a picture of my favorite little spinner caddy. So as I’m taking pictures of my scrapbook caddy, in walks Jose and says, "Look" as he proudly presents "the right kind" of deodorant AND in powder scent.

He said, "See, I could be a hand model." Baahahahahhaha! It was so cute, I had to take a picture.

So...the reason the picture is so blurry (besides the fact that he was moving and didn’t want to keep posing 'til I got it right), is because the focus is on the hands...not the deodorant!


joybear said...

That was so sweet of him!!!

Valerie said...

LOL, you have him well trained ;)

morgansmom2000 said...

What a good sport :)

HLHBC said...

LMBO! Too cute!!!!! And his hands look great!

Leah said...