Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fool's Day

So...I’m actually doing it! I’m going to join Valerie in her quest to take a picture a day for a year. Seriously! No Joke! I really am...or, at least for the remaining 275 days of this year. I thought it was a good excuse to finally do two things I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Learn to use my camera and start a blog. Apparently, I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time - my user profile says I’ve been a user since November 2005!

I almost forgot to take my very first picture because Jose and I took another trip out to Ikea in search of the bookcase for my scrapbook room that was out of stock when we made the trip the day before. Such a waste of gas in his big ol’ red truck. Riding in his truck is always an adventure that begins with Jose humming the theme song to Sanford & Sons lol.

On the way back we stopped by his Dad’s house to get back the van, which means we also had to shift that big box from the truck to the van. It was supposed to be a "quick" stop. It wasn’t. We couldn't get in the house because the door lock is so old it took a whole lot of turning the key back and forth to get in. Jose had to fix it before we left...but he had no tools with him.

He finally found a very old screwdriver to take the lock off. It turns out the inside of the lock was busted. It was missing an integral piece - one of it’s little prongs which is why the key was "spinning" in the lock. The whole process felt like a MacGyver episode without the danger. Did you know that a small piece of a plastic fork tine can be used to fix a door lock? That was my idea - and it worked! So, with the lock fixed, off we went. But not before stopping at Target to meet Jean who called me during the lock incident to let me know she picked up the latest Cards book for me using a 50% off Michael's coupon. She’s sweet.

I meet Jean inside Target where I discover that they now sell Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps - including the swirls set - for only $9.99. Wow. They had lots of cool things, but I bought none of it. Did I mention the Ikea bookcase that we just bought is more than half the size of the Ikea bookcase it was replacing? I loved the big one, but my room really needed counterspace.

It was late afternoon by the time we got home. I suddenly remembered I’m supposed to take a daily picture! There was still a bit of sunlight outside. At least I knew where my new camera was, even though I haven’t used it in about three months.

I decide to take a picture of the view from my bedroom because it’s so relaxing just looking at the big redwood tree. After the truck adventure and the "MacGyver" episode, relaxing sounded good. Ordinarily, I’d just open the sliding glass door and take a picture from the room. However, the big ol’ 25 cube Ikea bookcase that I just removed from my scrapbook room is temporarily (I hope!) residing in my bedroom, blocking access to the door. So, I head outside via the living room door and stand on the step just outside my bedroom door.

I take a few pictures, portrait, landscape, zoom in-zoom out...then into the house to upload the pics to my computer to see whether or not they're blurry. Yes, I know, there’s a little screen on the back of my camera, but either it’s too small or my eyes are too old, but I can’t tell if they're blurry. I prefer to think the screen is too small.
I grab the camera cord to transfer the pictures to my camera. Open up the window to view them and they aren’t there??!! What happened? Strange, very strange. So I figure I must have done something wrong so I quickly go back out to get the picture before the sun goes down.

Ahhh, I now see why the pictures I previously took weren’t there! The sun was starting to go down so I was trying to see what ISO the camera was set at. That’s when I saw it... "Memory Full". Back into the house to dump all the pictures onto the computer and to find the manual so I can quickly reformat the card.

Done. So, back outside I go. Now it’s obvious that I’m going to need to change that ISO as the sun’s just about gone. Drats, I can’t remember how to change it! Back into the house to get that manual again. (They sure print those manuals in small type.) I finally find out how to change the setting and back outside I go...again.

So that was my first Project 365 picture of the day. I'm sure it'll be easier tomorrow. And, I don’t think it will be difficult to see an improvement in future picture taking!

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Valerie said...

Oh such a lovely view (and curse you, now I'm humming the Sanford and Sons theme song!)