Thursday, January 10, 2013

CHA Projects and Tattered Angels Packaging

First, a BIG THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments to yesterday's blog post about my Creative Jumpstart projects!  If you'd like to enter the drawing for two of yesterday's projects, remember to leave a comment on yesterday's post.  (And on this blog post too if you'd like!) .  HERE  is the link to that post in case you got here from Facebook.  Remember, you have until midnight, February 1st to enter!

Today is the first day the CHA showroom floor is open, so I’m posting three projects I did for the Tattered Angels’ booth. When I delivered my projects to the Tattered Angels booth, I was excited to see some of the new product! But, I was even more excited to see the packaging on two of Tattered Angels Bare Metal Paint Systems! Excited about packaging?! Strange, I know, but I’m excited because these first two layouts that I’m showing you today are on the back of the Tattered Angels packaging!

This first layout uses the Bare Metal Paint System—Rusty Metal.

The old car that my husband was going to fix up was definitely rusty, so it was perfect for doing a Rusty Metal layout.

Below is a photo of the 12x12 paper after I applied the Rusty Metal paint system to it. I used this page to die cut the gears and keys and hand cut a car.

 I used these "rusted" tags for the title and the background tag.

Here are some close-ups – I just love the "rusted" keys and the dimension and layering of the "rusted" gears.

And here’s a quick picture I took of the Bare Metal - Rusty Metal packaging I saw in the Tattered Angels booth!

This second project uses the Bare Metal Paint System: Weathered Copper

I was to do a layout using the Weathered Copper system in a realistic way. Other than the Statute of Liberty, the only thing  I could think of making in weathered copper was a planter. Funny thing is, if you knew me well, you’d know I wouldn’t have a photo of a living plant to put on that layout. And, putting a photo of a plant I’ve killed would just take away from the beauty of the weathered copper planter! Then I had an “aha” moment. Our 30th wedding anniversary was coming up so I used our very first picture of us together from 32 years ago, and a recent picture where HE is gray (luckily, I’m not gray…yet!) and used the “Grow old with me…” quote.

Here’s a close up of the Weathered Copper planter.

I did a tutorial on using the Weathered Copper Paint System to do this layout. You can find my tutorial on the Tattered Angels Educator blog HERE

And look! Here’s the packaging for the Bare Metal System – Weathered Copper!

For my last project, we were to decorate a 12x12 canvas by Canvas Corp that we would hang in a studio.  One of the paint systems I received for the project was “Aged Mahogany” so doing something with a door is what first came to mind.

And then I thought it would be cool if the door actually opened…and what if I made it so it would hold some Tattered Angels products? I really liked that idea…and when I get this project back, it will also hold a secret stash of chocolate!

The canvas can hold six bottles of glimmer mist. I wonder how much chocolate it would hold. And notice those three canvas flowers to the right of the door? Those flowers were made using Canvas Corp’s mini triangle banners. If you’d like to see a previous tutorial I did on the Tattered Angels Educator blog where I demoed how to make those flowers on my "no-sew gift bag", you can find that blog post  HERE.   And if you really love making fabric flowers, you can watch a YouTube video I did HERE.  If you watch the video, you'll see that you can make flowers from other things as napkins!

Here are a couple of close-up photos too. I used the “Turquoise” Natural Stone Paint System for the brick background.  Those "patches" near the brick edges were made from Viva Decor Ferro - Umber Gold.  The embellishment on the door is one I made from resin and inked and colored with Glimmer Mist.

There are some brand new Tattered Angels paint systems coming out, and I can’t wait to try those as well!  Which of these paint systems do you think you'd try first?  Rusty Metal, Weathered Copper, Aged Mahogany or Mahagony?  And what would you make from it?

I'd love to hear from you!


joybear said...

Happy dance with you, that is so cool! Congratulations!!! And awesome projects as the open door!

Dee in N.H. said...

Love those!!!! Those paint systems look awesome and the rusty one is the one I need first!!

Anonymous said...

I particularly love the rusty metal one. Will have to check that one out for sure. Great projects..thanks for sharing.

sara j said...

I have a VERY big smile on my face - these are awesome. I really appreciate your picture of the paper before you cut the gears's fabulous. What amazing effects. One of the best parts about CJS is I am finding new, creative people - such as yourself - your work is beautiful!! And thanks for helping us see the Kyrlon can be so much more. What a simple way to transfer!

Theresa Dendinger said...

Christine - Congratulations on having your gorgeous creations depicted on the packaging! Your papers are gorgeous and your projects are inspirational as always! Happy Anniversary Too!

Nan G said...

Definitely rusty metal! I'm a Steampunk girl and love my rust!

Unknown said...

wow - well done for making the packaging with 2 of your projects - that's some accolade indeed. I love the first one and how you've created a subtle background using some of the gears as masks. However, I have to say that the copper one is my favourite. It reminds me when I used to go to a creative paint techniques class many years ago, and we recreated the vert de gris look using simple household paint - tester pots! Everything became a victim of my new found techniques, including several of the IKEA tea-light lanterns. It great to see there are 'proper' products on the market these days.. I like the 3rd project because of all the different techniques and products used - but most of all, because of the fact it has a working door and hidey space!

Thank you so much for sharing your projects - these have evoked memories of my creative past - which I usually completely forget about...

Off to look at the TA blog following your links...

Paula x x x

Unknown said...

just to let you know that I tried to connect to the Tattered Angels website/blog etc from your links and also from Google and it appears that the website must be down or something because I kept getting notification that the page 'WAS NOT FOUND'. From google - it didn't matter which page I was trying to access, I got the same error notice.

I'll have to remember to try a different time - it maybe due to maintenance or something.

Paula x x x