Friday, December 30, 2011

Playing with Glimmer Mist

CHA is coming up next month, so I’ve been playing and experimenting with Tattered Angels products!  I love to just play and make new discoveries (new to me anyway…I don’t get to surf the web much so maybe someone else has made the same discovery!)   Usually, my discoveries are made through trial and error…something I intended to go one way and it went in a different direction and I think….hmmmm I kinda like that!  One of these discoveries, I’m saving to use on a CHA project, but here’s a fun one I discovered while just “playing” because I was waiting for something to dry (which happened to be that other discovery I mentioned). 

Here are the results of my play session. 

Embossing using a stamp instead of a file folder. I don’t know which color glimmer mists I used because I was just playing and grabbed what was around…usually a light, medium and a dark color.  If I had to guess (based on the backside of the paper which is pinkish), I may have used Pomegranite, Maple Sugar and Nougat…but don’t quote me ;)  I definitely know I used Chandelier Glam…it’s my “go to” glam color when playing.

I was really liking the way this was turning out, and when I turned it over, I couldn’t decide if I liked the backside better! 

Either way, I just couldn’t cover up the back by attaching it to a piece of chipboard, so instead, I attached it to a piece of acrylic, using my Chandelier Glam as the glue.  If you’d like to see a “how-to” on this, I recreated the process for my monthly educator post at Tattered Angels here.  This time I noted the colors used and took pictures too.  One thing I learned from trying this a second time, is that I used a lot more glimmer mist the first time around.  This is probably because if I don’t care for the color combo I picked up or if it is too dark, instead of stopping and starting again, I just keep adding more color or adding lighter colors until I do like it…so the paper was definitely more wet!  I like the impression I got the first time as it is deeper.  I’ll definitely be playing with this technique again – definitely lots of fun!

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