Friday, September 23, 2011

A Blog Hop with May Arts and Tattered Angels

Tattered Angels and May Arts have joined together in a blog hop this week.  

In addition to this "Hello Friend" card I posted on the Tattered Angels Educator blog,  here's another card I made for the blog hop.  

For this card, I used Versafine Onyx black ink on TatteredAngels’ “Notes from the Garden” stamp.  I wanted a nice black image, so I pressed really hard on the stamp – a little too hard as you can see in the middle of the heart.  Good thing I’m planning on cutting that part out.

I used Key Lime Pie glimmer mist to color the stamped card.  I noticed when I sprayed the glimmer mist, that the ink made a bit of a resist and left areas near the stamped area uncolored, which I like.  Once the card is dry (I used my heat gun), cut out the center of the heart, keeping the black outline from the stamp.  I removed the little swirls at the top of the heart and then used a black pen to modify the black lines to make a continuous heart shape.

I cut around four of the flowers from the  white sheer woven rosettes  ribbon.  I first misted the flowers with Snow Angels  glimmer mist which I knew would be too light, but I wanted the flowers to have a little bit of color and be wet so that the colors would blend better when I applied the darker Cosmo Pink Glimmer Mist to the top of the flowers.

Once your flowers are dry, open your card and place dry adhesive (I used my atg gun) all over the inside of the card.  Attach the misted flowers to the “inside” of the card so that they show through the heart shape you cut out.  I cut one of the four flowers in half so that the entire heart area was filled with flowers.  Once the flowers are arranged, close the card shut, lining up your card edges.  Make sure your flowers are dry before doing this step or the glimmer mist on the flowers will bleed through to the front of your card like mine did.  To fix mine,  I used white chalkboard mist like “white out” and dabbed a little bit of the white chalkboard mist on to the areas and then resprayed a little Key Lime Pie over it.
Attach the folded heart card onto another card so that it opens.  I stamped a “happy birthday” phrase onto glimmer misted paper, cut it out and turned it into a banner.  The banner was attached diagonally across the bottom of the heart.

For the last step, I fan brushed Chandelier Glam over the entire card, including the flowers.
I love the dimension the May Arts ribbon flowers give to the card!


Kathieao said...

Love the flowers in the middle.....

Good2BT said...

Both of your cards are gorgeous! Love the wire ribbon clever!
Theresa Dendinger

joybear said...

Oh h so amazing!

Leah said...

Okay, so stinkin Kewt!!!!!