Friday, May 6, 2011

The "Grande Mark Challenge"

It's been a very long time since I've blogged, but what a great way to start blogging again by telling you about the "GrandeMark Challenge" I entered into. I just love my AccuCut machine!

I had been checking my email and watching my phone all morning before I went off to have a creative play day with a couple of friends because today was the day the winner would be announced. I entered the AccuCut challenge in all but one of the categories, hoping maybe one of my entries would win one of the $100 shopping sprees---a girl can never have too many AccuCut dies.

It was early evening by the time I returned home.  I thought I had read that winners would first be notified by email or phone.  I didn't receive an email before my play date, and I didn't get a phone either. Oh well.  When I got home I checked my email and saw a generic email from Accucut with the subject line:  "See Who Won the GrandeMark Challenge" so I opened it to see who the winners were and saw this:

So I clicked on that red "See who won!" button... and boy, was I ever surprised to see this!

WOOOOOHOOOOOO!  I was the "Grande" Prize Winner!  

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