Monday, March 9, 2009

Hard to believe that tomorrow will be three months since I last blogged. Time flies, and not all of it was having fun. But, there were definitely some fun parts, like going to CHA with my daughter and visiting with the ACP girls in Florida.

Fast forward to today...I played! I started off wanting to make some crushed mica, but when I couldn't find my pasta machine (I am sure it is lost forever in the garage), I tried to find something else to crush the mica. It was quite the experiment! FYI, a rolling pin doesn't work, neither does a hammer, and neither does a paper crimper! After putting the mica through all of the above abuse, I ended up just using my scissors on it. I was quite amused that you can actually crimp mica with a paper crimper! But it didn't crush it...that stuff is tough!

Anyway, the mica crushing experiment was pretty boring, it even looked boring after it was crushed. So I took out the alcohol inks and perfect pearls to color the mica, and things started happening...and not much of it involved the crushed mica.

Today's play included alcohol inks, mica, perfect pearls, dabber paints, pigment inks, packing tape, an old dictionary, acrylic, stamps, a paper crimper, wax paper and rolling pin, glossy cardstock, glue, a heat gun, and some water. And here's a bunch of stuff I made during my experiments today...

But THESE...were my absolute favorites! I think they'd make a fun class!
The heart, key, and dragonfly charms are from


Lani said...

Ok, so when do I get mine on the mail? or better yet.... when are you teaching?! Oh... teach it while I am in California! I am going to that class!!!! NEED ME ONE OF THOSE! YOu ROCK MY WORLD LADY! :D

joybear said...

Those are so awesome!