Sunday, September 21, 2008

Drama Queen Birthday Crop

Today was a Drama Queen birthday crop for birthday girls Leilani and Michelle. Michelle loves cupcakes and Leilani loves owls so you can imagine some of the gifts they received. I’ve never seen so many different owls and cupcakes in my life!

It was such a fun day! And, I actually cropped instead of just gabbing all day!
I made a quick card for Leilani, did a bio page and 10 recipe pages for the swap (which was due today).

For my birthday crop, Michelle made me such a fabulous birthday cake. There is no way I could ever make her a cake anywhere near as nice, nor would I want to try! (I was so thankful that Veronica made her a delicious strawberry cake!) So instead, I made a vegetarian lasagna and made Michelle a faux cupcake (which was my birthday card to her). That cupcake was so fun to make and Michelle seemed to enjoy it too.

Here are some pictures I took as Michelle opened her cupcake. (You can click the picture for a larger view.)

I love this expression on Michelle's face when I told her I made it from a yogurt container.

Here's a closer look at the faux cupcake. When the lid is lifted, the birthday wishes dangles. The charms are from ACharmingPlace.

And here are the goodie bags that Michelle and Leilani gave all of us...including a new stamp that Michelle had signed by Tim Holtz just for her Drama Queens!


joybear said...

sounds like lots of fun and I love the cupcake you made!

LeilaniK said...

Hi Christine! What a wonderful day I had yesterday! I love my card and my scrapbook goodies! Thank you! You are such a wonderful friend!